[Bug?] graph_image.py exports under all circumstances images 1000 pixels wide

I saw that this problem was already found in 2019 https://forum.checkmk.com/t/check-mk-english-external-graph-png-graph-image-py-image-size-not-working/16186
But the topic had no response to the report.

Today i had a user who also wanted some graphs as exports to include inside NagVis maps.
I had the same behavior that scaling with the option “size” in the request is not working.
At the moment the size parameter only changes the aspect ratio of the resulting graph, but not the real size.

After some search inside the code i found the location inside the function “pdf2png”.
There is hard coded the value of 1000 pixels wide.
This is strange and has also no logical reason, only that for the reports where this function was originally used it was ok.

Had someone out there also the same experience?