Bug in Search Software Packages, filters have wrong types

cmk 2.1.0 CEE

When searching software packages (inventory), the “name” and other items want to use 'From" and “To” instead of some kind of string match. Doesn’t seem to be any way to make it work, I thing it’s wrong.

Including one for name here, but others as well.


I can confirm this problem also with p6. It affects also other search views.

broken HW/SW inventory searches

Software packages
Oracle tablespaces
Oracle instances
Oracle SGA performance
Oracle PGA performance
Network interfaces
Docker images
Docker containers
Checkmk versions
Checkmk sites

Here is also to say that for all these inventory tables you cannot select any filter.

Oracle entry is missing.

There is also a display problem like this.
You cannot scroll down to the bottom of a filter list, this affects all search sidebars.

We are looking into this. :eyes:

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seems to have been fixed: Fix HW/SW inventory filter

Yes looks good now after a quick check with p8.