[BUG] Update 2.1.0p15 -> 2.1.0p16 downgrades MKP


when upgrading from 2.1.0p15 to p16 MKP-plugins were downgraded to a previous version.
I confirmed this on a clean site:

2 versions of the plugins are available, version 1.1.0 is active, 1.0.0 is inactive:

After upgrade to CMK 2.1.0p16 the old version 1.0.0 is activated again.

So after an update to 2.1.0p16 is it is currently a good idea to ensure the correct version
activated (or remove old plugin versions before the update), especially when using the bakery.

Best regards,


Hi Micha!
You are right – this is a bug. It is fixed here (edit: the brake statement, the line this links to is just above the visible part when I follow the link :frowning: ).
It will be released soon.