Business Intelligence: Get detailed info in notifications


It would be nice to get detailed info in notifications based on a bi aggragation.

For example:

If the BI aggregation “Mail” gets critical and the user gets a notification, it would be nice to see the services/host which is responsible for the critical business process in the email.

If I remember it correctly then this is not possible at the moment.
I wrote an extension to the BI functions exactly with this purpose.

Unfortunately was this with CMK version 1.4 and I had no time to test/port it to 1.5 or 1.6.

The output looked like the BI status plus the problems inside the BI. Only if a part of the BI gets warning or critical state.
The image is a host aggregation with a warning filesystem. If you now use this aggregation as a real service you will also get the cause of the problem with your message.


is it possible to share your extension. I can test it with CMK 1.6.

This is the modification for 1.4 to get the status output for BI aggregations.



I tried it with cmk 1.6p6 and it works for the bi visualization in the GUI but the BI Aggr. data source program only shows the state and not the additional info text. So I don’t see any info in the alert mail.

I also tried to change the DSP /opt/omd/versions/1.6.0p6.cee/share/check_mk/checks/bi_aggregation but without luck.

Migrated to the new feature portal: