Business Intelligence - Show stale state of services


we are using BI to group different services for a better visibility of our system. So we have a BI group that shows our WAN fiber network ports.

The Problem is now, if the host is down/unreachable, the services go stale. In the BI the state remains green OK so if someone checks the dashboard it looks like the Ports are up and ok. Even if I add the host itself to the aggregation, someone who is not that familiar with network would think, everything is ok.

I know the CMK doc tells me that:

“the services on this will become obsolete (go stale), but the state will remain OK, and the aggregation will not ‘notice’ that failure. If you want to know something like that, as well as the services you should in any case also record the host status!”

But it is not good in my eyes if something is OK green then it should truly OK and not maybe OK

So my suggestion would be, just show stale services the same way like there are shown under the host.