Business Process (Thruk) X Business Inteligence (ChecMK) - Migration and Ideas

Hello Guys,

I’ve been using Thruk for some years to generate some dashboards and to use the Business Process Feature, it is connected to our CheckMK instance throught livestatus. I want to migrate to CheckMK solution called Business Inteligence but my problem is that this solution does not offer a way to process its data at my remote sites. Any help for that case? Thruk works very well for this case but i will need to set another server only for our dashboards and Business Process, and is what i’m planning to do for now. I’m updating one client environment and if i manage to migrate dashbords to NagVis and Business Process to Business Inteligence i would make everything more easier to operate. At the branches i have a team to provide support and sometimes they lose communication and i want them to be able to see the status of all critical applications, as they are doing now using Thruk Business Process module and their slave CheckMK instance.

We have a small team to deal with alerts and the business processes make easier to see all the things that need to be solved as soon as possible. Monthly all the availability data related to business process is evaluated by the managers and each ocurrence with more than 15 minutes without justification are fined in the support contract.

Here is one of our dashboards with all business processes from all of our branches.

I could find a way to use CheckMK Business Process to solve my problem but during the parametrization i’m facing a big problem because when i’m saving some changes i’m logged out of CheckMK, it’s happening a lot. I’m going to use Nagvis for my new dashboard.
I’m trying to use the Parameters option to make my business processes work in a more intelligent way, but when i set this option and try to save i am redirected to CheckMK Login Screen.

I managed to solve my problem creating two bipacks, one for all the rules and another with the aggregations. Not the best option, but now i can save :-D.
The rules are awesome, much more easier to work with when you understand how they work.

It’s working as expected now, i’m so glad that i managed to do that.
It’s not ready but it’s evolving.