Can I put cmcdump-hosts into hostgroups and folders?

We are using livedump to monitor hosts behind a one-way connection. Our problem is that we can not put the hosts into hostgroups or organize them in folders. Would that be possible if we used cmcdump insted of livedump?

For hostgroups you need to extend the cmcdump that it also outputs the existing hostgroups in a way you can use on the central server. I think this is not so easy.

The folder problem should be not so complicated.
Inside the cmcdump data you have all the custom variables and they also contain the folder where the host “lives” on the source machine. If the same folder exists on your central system, then you should see the remote host inside this folder on the central system.

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Hostgroups sync for us. Make sure your updating your configuration file that you send to your “master” host that is getting the cmcdump data.

I think your out of luck on the folders though. Folders are a construct in WATO not the monitoring core