Can we have a user manual for check developing plugins and special agents?

Hi, I am trying to move our special agents/own active checks and plugins to checkmkv2.
Developing page of the manual is bad and do not contains file structure for ~/local:
a) special agents
b) active checks
c) agent based plugins
I`ve investigated via source code that agent based check should have:

  1. Agetn plugin with output format
    2.check itself in local/share/checkmk/checks
    3.wato ruleset local/share/checkmk/web/plugins/wato

Hi @bohdan.udovenko,

We have a draft article here, only available in German for now. Moreover, just a heads-up that things can still change towards 2.0, so writing a final documentation might take some time.



Can I ask you to add this draft to the forum Release message? Even with content as for now, it is much better than nothing. Or just provide a link to it in the English version, so interested persons can find it :blush:

The link doenst work anymore.

This is the working link now after the new manual web page is live.

Hi guys, again - English version is much far away from German- if there are no resources to translate - just create headers in English and add links to german - translate is ok when you know that info is present.

Hey @bohdan.udovenko
take a look at it now :slight_smile: