Can you help me to understand how will i monitor a db's(redis,mongo) or/and rev.prox's like (nginx,kong) etc

CMK version: Checkmk Raw Edition 2.1.0p1
OS version: linux 22.04

I installed an agent to the redis server. Now i can monitor the general information about the server but i can not manage to monitor “redis info” template (for example).

I selected enforce “redis info” template, it is now on “pending” state and can not take information about redis database.

Can someone explain to me, what should i do to monitor services like redis,mongo,nginx etc. ?

Thank you.

To gather such “special” information, the agent on the host has to be extended with the matching agent plugin, i.e. you have to “install” (copy to the right folder) mk_redis,, … on your database server or reverse proxy.

In some cases you also need a configuration file and/or have to create a database user. Sometimes the instructions can be found as comments inside the plugin script.

Agent plugins as well as some configuration examples can be found in Setup > Agents > Linux, Solaris, AIX files

Once the plugin is installed (and configured if needed), the next service discovery for that host should offer the newly found services.

More on agent plugins in the docs:

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oh! i see thank you so much . that was so clear to me… i will go deep to that.
have a good day :slight_smile: