Can't see sidebar

I login to the default page, everything pops up real fast and I see the sidebar, but then it automatically forwards me directly to the dashboard view only without the sidebar. It seems to be my personal account, other users see the sidebar.

There are no customized personal settings for this user, everything is set to default.


How do I fix this?

Perhaps it has just been hidden by accident? There is a small area (few pixels wide) at the top left with a link to hide/show the sidebar (to save some screen space). Try to hover the mouse pointer in the top left corner to see if there’s a link.

Edit: depending on the browser/theme/… it might not even show as a link. Just click there :slight_smile:

I think I just figured it out. I went directly to and at the bottom it had two different link icons… one direct to the page frame, one for the page with the sidebar. Clicking on the sidebar link gave me the same page with a roughly 10pixel wide black bar on the left… I didn’t think anything of it until I went back to the main dashboard and that black bar was there. I clicked on that and it expanded.

So somehow, by going to one of the links to just the frame, it turned the sidebar off on my main dashboard… But by going back to the page and clicking on the link with sidebar, it gave me the hidden sidebar that could again be expanded as you suggested.

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