Check if there's a new CheckMK version

Hey guys
Has anybody a check to check if there’s a new CheckMK version? I created one with RobotMK, but this seems to be a little over-engineered.


If you run Checkmk from the official Docker image, you can use this Local Check to check for updates images for all running containers.


Thank you - but unfortunately not with Docker.

Hi @Overlord
do you need it in Checkmk or would it be okay if you get a mail about it?

The easiest solution would be the sign up here. → Mailing Lists

There you can sign up for the Checkmk-announce list. Everytime a new version is released you’ll get a E-Mail.

Example for 2.0.0p12:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You can also watch the

topic of the forum.

I suggest the “Watching First Post” option:


if you like you can give my check a try :wink:

This check reads the data from and compares your CMK version aginst the available CMK versions. At the moment there is also a inventory plugin, that list all the available versions, not shure if this is realy usefull…


Perfect - I think this is exactly what I’m looking for