Check_mk 1.2.8p26 on Windows Server 2016 configuring local checks

I have a server running check_mk 1.2.8p26 on Windows Server 2016.

I would like to run some local checks with configurations passing parameters like I
do on the Linux hosts that we have.

I am not sure where to find the windows documentation to tell me how to set up the
local configuration on windows for an older version of the check_mk_agent

The local checks will be power script or python

On Linux I would have a file /opt/check-mk-agent/etc/checkmk-local.conf
With an entry like
hostname:cachetime:itilcode:servicedescription:scriptname arg1 argx:resolvergroup:triggercommand

on windows I want to be able to give the scriptname and its args.

Thanks The MooMan
AKA Matt

Hi, Matt,

actually your PS script or whatever just needs to save its output to the SPOOL directory


Documentation can be found here:

Regards Bernd