Check_MK agent warning 'TLS is not activated on monitored host' displayed for added host

Hello, after installation of CEE 2.3.0p4 I get the CheckMK_Agent warning ‘TLS is not activated on monitored host’ for each added host. After activation of TLS on monitored host by submitting the command

cmk-agent-ctl register --hostname --server :8000 --site --user cmkadmin --password <cmkadmin_pwd>

the warning disappears for this host, and the host and it’s services are shown in license usage. Adding another host without execution of this command and some management boards entries (via SNMP), these hosts and their services are not shown in license usage.

Do I have to submit the cmd for each added host, or is there a way to avoid it (as I don’t know how to submit cmd on management board)?


the register command should be executed on every monitored host with Windows / Linux.
You can do that e.g. scripted or with the use of the checkmk Ansible collection.

On hosts without an installed agent, where SNMP or Datasource Programs are configured, you should not get that warning message.

It is possible to hide the warning with the checkmk Agent auditing ruleset, but this is the last resort as you are transferring the agent output unencrypted then.

Does registration have to be done as user cmkadmin? Or should I use an automation user instead?