Check_MK Discovery CRIT

Hi guys.
This is for CMK 1.6.0p27. Monitoring of a Brocade Switch.
Wato → Data sources → Check_MK agent → No agent
Wato → Data sources → SNMP → SNMP v2 or v3

Works perfect, but i see this and cannot make it go away.

Any hint?


It looks like it is trying to contact the checkmk agent running on port 6556. Your host seems to be an SNMP device.

CHange the host properties to not contact the checkmk agent for this host.

Hey sander!!
Well. I specified on the first note the “No agent” matter.
Do i have to do something else?

can you maybe send image how is your host configured in WATO so people can look if there is not something wrong?

Best regards,

It’s done. Sorry.

I set Wato → Data sources → Check_MK agent → No agent.
Took almost 12 hs to clear.

No more errors :slight_smile: