[Check_mk (english)] fileinfo.groups: date specific files on windows


I'm trying to get some application logfiles from a windows server monitored correctly.
The fieinfo.groups plugin seems to be the way to go.

I tried the pattern as suggested in the man-page. However this only seems valid on linux systems. It gets properly recognized on the Check_MK side.
The Windows side is however not so easy as $DATE:%Y%m%d$ is not a working pattern. Using * for the date part also picks up the older, not so interesting, logfiles in that directory.
I've tried %DATE:~6,4%%DATE:~3,2%%date:~0,2% as a pattern, this work for the commandline, but not for the agent.

Am I making a quoting error, or just a huge thinking error?

Relevant agent config:
      path = D:\LogFiles\MyApp\MyApp_%date:~6,4%%date:~3,2%%date:~0,2%.log
      path = D:\LogFiles\MyApp\MyApp_$DATE:%Y%m%d$.log

Partial output of "telnet host 6556":

These are some of the different options I tried.

Can somebody guide me in the correct direction?

Paul van der Marel

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