[Check_mk (english)] removing hosts and host folders from lost site


One of our sites has gone down and is removed without our knowledge. We need to remove the hosts and host folders but it keeps saying we are not logged in. In distributed monitoring the site still exists, but obsviously without the OMD host from the site we are unable to login.

How can we remove those hosts and folders? We now get errors in WATO and have changes that cannot be pushed.


Hi Opaque,

inside WATO it should be possible first to search for all hosts monitored on your “lost” site.

After you deleted all hosts assigned to your “lost” site, you can also do this procedure for the folders assigned to this site or you assign your now empty folders to another site.

When you finished this, then you can delete the site by itself inside the “Distributed Monitoring” section.

If some hosts/folders left you should get the error message “You cannot delete this connection. It has folders/hosts assigned to it. You can use the host search to get a list of the hosts.”

In my test environment is this working without any problems.

Best regards


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your reply. I think your main site on which you configured distributed monitoring was still logged in to the remote site. I keep getting the message "Cannot access site site_name - you are not logged in." I cannot log in from WATO/Distributed monitoring, it throws a long error message.

We managed to remove the site and hosts, because it turned out someone had picked up the server from the remote site and placed it in storage. We turned it on, reconfigured it and voila!

Question remains though, when a site is unreachable and logged out, how do remove hosts and the site?