[Check_mk (english)] REST API - Monitoring Elasticsearch

Hi! I am using the REST API to discover services with check_mk 1.6 , trying to define an elasticsearch ruleset/service to monitor my ELK cluster but I can’t seem to find a well-defined solution for this. What should the rest request contain to achieve this?

Hello sphenya,

what exactly are you looking to monitor?

Greets Bernd

Hey Bernd,

I would like to set a ruleset to monitor my Elasticsearch cluster health status using the REST API. I found a curl command to set a ruleset, https://checkmk.com/cms_web_api_references.html but its not very helpful in terms of how the request should look when making an Active check via HTTP.

To summarise, I want to defuine a monitored service that returns my ELK cluster health status.

You can also work with a CMK-Agent on the ELK-Cluster and piggyback datas for special checks

Piggyback data for special checks? I am new to cmk so not really sure what this means? is there no way of setting this using the rest api?

I have the agent installed on the cluster and if I am understanding you correctly, I should use the cmk-agent to define a service that sends elk data.

I`m sorry

not with piggyback


i mean with local checks: