Check mk logwatch pattern issue

Hello All!

I have a Check MK raw 1.6.0p15 in docker installed.
I would like to monitor a log file with logwatch, already installed it on the instance, and looks like its working, but I didn’t get any alert. I think my regex is bad.
The log files looks like:

[14-Jan-2021 11:22:14 Europe/Budapest] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getDeadline() on null in /var/www/XXX/src/apps/XXX/admin/modul/200/fi
eld/form/approval_deadline.php on line 29

[12-Jan-2021 08:39:10 Europe/Budapest] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘‘XXX_id’’ (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING), expecting ‘]’ in /var/www/p
mp5/src/apps/XXX/config/variables.php on line 42

[21-Jul-2020 11:48:23 Europe/Budapest] PHP Warning: math: function call y not allowed in /var/www/XXX/src/lib/5.0/Ext/Smarty/libs/plugins/function.math.php
on line 52

Could you please help me with that?
Thanks in advance!


From what I can tell from your RegEx, you’re expecting either warning or error being the last word of the sentence Perhaps you should remove the $ at the end.


Hy Louis!

Its working, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: