Check_MK queries

Hi Team,

  1. For monitoring one Physical server/Virtual server(Linux OS) how many licences we need to purchase.

  2. Can you split the number of virtual linuxes and physical linuxes and update the average number of used services? Virtual box should consume less services.

The subcription prize is based on the total amount of service checks you have.
On average a host has 30 to 40 service checks. This should give you an estimate.

When you move the slider on you also see an estimate of how many hosts may be covered.

up to 10 Host the Enterprise Version is for free:

or the open-source version:

I need to know about the licenses if any need to be purchased??

How can I know a number of services a server/host consumes, one server has 30services and other host has 100 services, in terms of that how can I purchase??

What if I have 20000 services running in Check mk how many licences should I purchase any idea??

it`s just one licences …


or enterprise

the Enterprise pricing is staggered by service

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A single license can be used for multiple sites and servers as long as the total number of services is not exceeded and as long as the systems are used by a single organisation.

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Hi Sandeep,

If you have 20k services you might just need one license. It might help to reach out to the sales team directly ( so you can have a better idea of what suits your needs and the probable costs.


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Thank you fayepal…:+1:t2:

Thank you Martin…:+1:t2: