Check_MK Securing the web interface with HTTPS

**CMK version:**2.0
**OS version:**Centos 7


I trying to set the configuration for the web interface with https and not http, im using the RAW version for my implementation. On the manual say these point for the prerequisites:

  • You must have a valid server certificate.
  • The apache module mod_ssl is installed and activated.
  • The server is reachable under HTTPS.
  • The Rewrite and the Header module for the web server is available and loaded.

And the main configuration is on:

Depending for the OS, in my case is /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf but im unable to locate this file in that location:


Even if I make a serch from the main repo, i cant find the configuration file:


Can some one can help me please?

The file /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf is part of the mod_ssl package. After a yum install mod_ssl it should be present.

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Hi @Heavy thank you for the information, i can now proceed with the ocnfiguration, just i have another question, why the explorer tell me that the site is still not secure:


It is necessary to make another change for this?

Thank you

It looks like the certificate is issued for the domain localhost.localdomain, but you call the web server under an other domain name.
To get rid of the warning, you could obtain a certificate from a well-known CA like LetsEncrypt.