Check_MK Services Dependencies

It would be great to have service dependencies for Check_MK, just like the parent/child relationships.
For example:

If a service goes into critical state, specific host doesn’t alarm - practical example:

If a interface or a VPN Tunnel goes into Critical state the server(s) attached to it won’t alarm.
I believe, like in wato we’ve the ability to set a parent host, we could also set a service it would really help us out in not having some noisy notifications.

I know that this exists for Services Dependencies but it’s really limited.


for such cases you have the BI

I know, still not “maintainable”. Specially for large monitoring environments.

I can relate. We have a lot of similar group of machines that have service dependencies. In the 1.6 version we found that it was a lot of click work to setup en maintain (when VM are added or deleted).

Even grouping of service would have us, instead of getting multi notification due dependencies services.