Check-MK Version 2.0.0p3 Raw Legacy Checks


I have recently upgraded Check-MK Raw from version 1.5.0p25 to 2.0.0p3.

I am running into an issue where I cannot activate any changes. I get an error message stating
“Started at: 15:39:39. Finished at: 15:39:41.
Error running automation call restart (exit code 1), error:
Check_MK does not support the configuration variable “legacy_checks” anymore. Please use custom_checks or active_checks instead.”

I have always managed my configuration via WATO.

Can someone provide some advice on how to resolve the error that I am encountering?

Thanks in advance.
Matt W.

Hello Matt,

best to check via CLI:

connect via ssh, change to your Checkmk instance via (sudo) omd su INSTANCE

and search for legacy_checks in the Checkmk config directory:

grep -R legacy_checks ~/etc/check_mk/

Then you can see where it is still used and take a look at the mentioned config file if it rings any bells.