Check_MK Windows Agent

Hello Guys,

I was trying to setup the Check_Mk agent on a Windows machine, but facing some issues with the setup.

  • I installed the check_mk_agent.msi package on Windows but this by default have only has the following useful checks (in our case):
  1. Filesystem (Disk storage)
  2. Memory and pagefile
  3. Processor queue (CPU load)
  • I would have to check the following services too on a Windows machine, but not sure how to set these up:
  1. All installed MSSQL server instance status
  2. MySQL instance status (if installed)
  3. Mailenable/Smartermail/IceWarp queue (if possible)
  4. IIS web server status

If anyone could advise on how to set these services up on Check_Mk Windows agent, would be much helpful. :slight_smile:

this depends on your release of CMK: RAW or Enterprise Edition.
For monitoring the IIS you need a additional nagios plugin: A german documentation can be found here:


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@kdeutsch Thanks for responding. I’ll have a look at that article. What about the other services I mentioned?

I’m currently using CMK RAW 1.6.0p7 version on my server

First it is important what version of CMK agent do you installed (1.5 or 1.6)?

For this task the plugin “mssql.vbs” exists. It is possible that you must configure a small ini file for this plugin if your database don’t allow the connection as local system.

The plugin “mk_mysql.vbs” must be used. There also a small configuration file for the database credentials is needed.

Inside the normal CMK agent there as already a very bare monitoring for the IIS (wmi_webservices).
But the plugin @kdeutsch mentioned goes more in depth.

I don’t know any of these software products :slight_smile:

Thanks @andreas-doehler , this one helped me a lot. I’m now able to get the MSSQL instance status (installed locally) by using mssql.vbs plugin copied over to plugins/ folder. This was not asked for any ini file.

I have also placed mk_mysql.vbs into the plugins folder, but this is not working correctly. I guess this require an ini file with the mysql user credentials to work same as on Linux. But not sure where to set this ini file, and what could be the content. Can you outline the correct step for this?

I see the wmi_webservices plugins included by default, but all those checks are still in pending status. I’m able to load the websites from the server, but the CMK still has it as PEND status.

The Status column has the error “WAITING - Counter based check, cannot be done offline”. As I said, the web server is online and I’m able to load from outside of the server just fine. Not sure why this check is being stated as this.

For “Mailenable/Smartermail/IceWarp queue”, these are the commonly installed MTA (Mail Servers) on Windows system. If there is any chance to check the queue status, would be helpful.

Please advise me further on the above :slight_smile:

The ini files needs to be inside the /config folder. This folder is for 1.6 C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\config

Naming - from the plugin comments

    ' Use either an instance specific config file named mysql_<instance-id>.ini
    ' or the default mysql.ini file.

The file is then used as a –defaults-extra-file for the mysql call.
That means the content of the config file must be the same format as inside a –defaults-extra-file.

This message means your are inside the WATO and not in your normal status view. Inside WATO checks with counters cannot be done as you need two or more intervals to get an result.
Activate your changes and look at the service status view of your host.