Checkbox at service discovery

Just as an idea, is there a way to have a checkbox when i discover services on a host? When I for example discover a host with 150 services but wanna monitor just 75 of them its a pita to add every service one by one.

Hi @buzzd
this is already possible, but you need to enable those checkboxes first:


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It would be more efficient to have generic rules in “Disabled services” for the services you do not want to see. This way it is already configured for the next host.

Otherwise you get one rule for each host you manually configure.

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Thanks for the hint. Never seen it before :see_no_evil: Maybe a dumb question but how do they work? I activated the checkboxes but cant find how to use it now. I checked a few checkboxes and now wanna move them to disabled services.

This would be helpful as well but that topic should become an own thread.

In my opinion, the use of the checkboxes could be a little more user-friendly. It is not necessarily intuitive.

You first have to tick the checkboxes and then click on disable monitored services in the actions menu.

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Haha no, its kinda the opposite of intuitive. Thanks a lot for your help.


Maybe something for you to look into as well and leave a vote :wink: