Checkmk 2.0 is coming on March 9th

We would like to thank everyone who tested the 2.0 beta in the past months. Some of you might have seen some posts here already or have heard from us at FOSDEM: we are now set for a release date in early March!

This is our biggest release yet, and there are major changes coming to Checkmk. To support you in this change we are preparing educational content for you that you can read/watch and share with your team. They will be in a form of blog tutorials and YouTube videos.
Our general topics for the content include the new UI, new APIs, and ntop integration. If there’s a topic you think we should also cover, please reply in the comments. Note that this is different from the documentation which will of course cover all the changes in detail.

Here are the top highlights of the upcoming version:

  • A significant revamp of the Checkmk user experience
  • Network flow monitoring with the ntop integration
  • New REST-API to improve automation
  • New Check-API for simpler development and maintenance of check plugins
  • Improved Prometheus integration & cloud monitoring
  • Performance improvement of the Checkmk Microcore with the new helper model

For a comprehensive summary of upcoming features, please take a look at this presentation.


Is ntop included in CheckMK or an integration from an existing ntop system? And is it for the raw version free as well?

For how long will the feedback address be active?

Integration from an existing ntop system.
The ntopng add-on is only available in the CEE and requires a separate license.

The beta-specific feedback address is active until end of the beta :slight_smile:
So send your feedback in quickly!

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Will 1.6 continue to get security updates for a while after 2 comes out?
Does 2 support 1.6 clients?

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Welcome to the community!
You can find the EOL for our versions here: Checkmk Versions
For 1.6 it was planned like this:

Version Release-Date End of active maintenance End of passive maintenance
1.6.0 2019-09-24 2021-03-17 2022-09-08

But we will likely extend the active maintenance by several months due to the longer release cycle of Checkmk 2.0.
And yes, you can use 1.6 clients with Checkmk 2.0, but some functionality will not be possible then. So I recommend updating them as well over time.

Is there more info on this:
“Grafana integration for Raw Edition”
does this mean we no longer need to do magic tricks with pnp4nagios if we want metrics in Grafana?

Yes, that was the idea. Should work then like described in here: Integrating Checkmk in Grafana


Checkmk 1.6 will get active maintenance for 6 more months from yesterday on. And 18 months for passive maintenance. EOL article will be updated accordingly