Checkmk 2.0, Nagvis and embedded iframe for service graphs

Hi everybody,
prior to v2.0 i used to add service graphs into nagvis-maps by adding an embedded iframe with the url of the graph-file (pnp4nagios). This seems to be impossible with the current version as the graphs are embedded via javascript. Also pdf -export seems to have gone missing…

Anybody here with an idea or solution or workaround?
Thanks in advance and best regards.

To embed a graph inside NagVis maps i only know the way to make a dashboard with this graph as element and use this dashboard inside NagVis iFrame element.
Like this

With enterprise edition this was also before 2.0 the only way to have good graphs inside NagVis if you don’t want to mess around with the image export feature.

But pay attention the iFrame element looks again really broken at the moment. You start modify the element and cannot finish. Your cursor is sticky on one edge of the frame and don’t let loose.

Hi @andreas-doehler / @FJerusalem

What about the PDF export in pnp4nagios? I can only see ‘Export CSV’ and ‘Export JSON’ option now under Export tab. Are they removed PDF export option from CheckMK 2.0 CRE?

Also, I used to download the graph as PDF using below command which is no longer working:

wget -q -O graph.pdf “http://MAINIP/monitor/pnp4nagios/index.php/pdf?host=XX.XX.XX.XX&view=3&_username=report&_password=Repo**&_login=1&srv=HOST

[XX.XX.XX.XX should be the host IP and correct password]

Is there any way we could export the history checks as a PDF doc in newer CheckMK 2.0?

Please advise

At the moment this is not possible. As I’m no member of the tribe29 team i cannot say if it will be possible again.

You can say at the moment

  • no PNP4Nagios web interface anymore
  • no PDF or PNG export of graphs for CRE anymore
  • it is only possible to retrieve PNG graphs locally from a localhost URL - all other domains are filtered (these graphs are needed for the mail notification inside CRE)

This is more a question for @martin.hirschvogel

we didn’t remove the Export PDF function, but… we simply replaced PNP4Nagios entirely in the Raw Edition (thanks to the PNP4Nagios community (@pitchfork) for developing it in the first place) with our own graphing.

The Checkmk graphing does not have a PDF export as the entire PDF generation is done via the PDF reporting engine (Generating and sending reports in Checkmk). This is only available in Enterprise Edition (reporting is typically an enterprise feature).
Thus, if you really want PDF exporting of your graphs, I would recommend moving to the CEE.

EDIT: Just checked the Raw Edition and saw that the PNG export option only exists in the Enterprise Edition. Thus took out the sentence relating to this.

Where do I find this option? Graph export as PNG? CME Edition, which should be the same like Enterprise
For example - there is CSV?/JSON

For example when you click on the burger menu for a service graph.

Alternatively, you can probably use the feature described in this werk Check_MK graphs can now be exported as PNG images
(CEE only)

mhhh We’ve been looking on the topic Export in the menue - and there’s nothing
So will you remove the topic or add png too? :wink:

Did you look at the specific graph? Not in the top menu. You can’t create PNGs of an unspecified thing :stuck_out_tongue:

First big thanks to @andreas-doehler and @martin.hirschvogel

So I think I’ve understood so far: png-export via is limited to enterprise-edition.
pnp4nagios is not available in 2.0…
This is in fact a huge regression for CRE-users.

@martin.hirschvogel : might this be worth a feature-request to reintegrate pnp4nagios and let users decide which graphing-platform to use?

Little correction: There is a direct export as PNG function and an export via PDF function in the CEE.

We moved away from PNP4Nagios for two reasons:

  1. the new graphing is overall much better usable
  2. eyecandy :slight_smile:
  3. reduce effort for maintaining two code bases for graphing. Now both Raw and Enterprise use the same code

I don’t see it viable to maintain two graphing platforms. Especially, if it is due to one feature.
The simpler path would be to add PNG export to the Raw, but we also have to keep some reasons why people would go for the Enterprise Edition. Sorry :frowning:

Should have seen that comming… Got a new project then: migration to Icinga… :frowning: