Checkmk 2.2 Release Content

Hello Community!

I hope you are as excited as we are about the release of Checkmk 2.2 :slightly_smiling_face:.

You already know about most of the technical details from the release post. Now I would also like to introduce you the materials we have prepared for you to learn more about different versions and new features:


Update guide

New articles

Existing articles with major revisions or new additions

:new:New Checkmk Trial

The Checkmk 2.2 release is happening, and with it, we are happy to introduce our newest Checkmk Edition – Checkmk Cloud. This means that Checkmk Trials are changing as well.

Here is how it works: simply download the latest build of the Checkmk Cloud Edition and start using it. This will automatically start a 30-day trial period – the trial is a full fledged Checkmk Cloud Edition with no restrictions regarding the size of your infrastructure. Use the trial to monitor as many hosts and services as you need, across any number of sites. After 30 days, you can continue using Checkmk for free – as long as you don’t monitor more than 750 services in one instance.

The number of hosts is unlimited.

Stay tuned for more content in the upcoming weeks!


One quick question about the CMK Trial, what is the difference between the Free/Trial and the Cloud Edition?

In trial, after 30 days there is a limitation – not more than 750 services and one site.
Otherwise, the features are the same :slight_smile:

I mean ther is a Free/Trial version for Download, in the Statement abut the Trial you sayed we should use the “Cloud Edition” for the Trial. So the Question is, is the “Free/Trial” and the “Cloud Edition” identical (in terms of the Trial) or not?

When you install the “Trial” edition you effectively install the Cloud edition. They are identical.
The first 30 days you will be in a “Trial” state where you can use the full feature set of the Cloud edition without a limitation on the number of services.
After 30 days the installation will go in to a “Free” state where you will be limited to 750 services. If you at any point enter a license key those limitations will be lifted.


I think the problem is not what is Cloud and what is Free.
It is more this here.


There should be only one button with “Cloud / Free / Trial”.

Yes and no. I agree that it might not be the ideal solution for everyone. We struggled a bit to make the experience perfect for every persona.
The assumption was that if you are an experienced Checkmk user, like yourself, then you know whether you need to download the Enterprise, Cloud or Managed Services edition. And you will probably also use the archive.
However, if you are new to Checkmk and want to try it out then having this many choices might seem daunting.
Therefore, we assumed having a “Free / Trial” option there is more clear for those personas from communication point of view. Even if you are effectively downloading the same product.
I will take your suggestion and discuss it some more internally, and maybe we can come up with a better solution.