CheckMK 2 Backwards Compatible with 1.6 Agents?

I have CheckMK 1.6 monitoring our VMwares, Windows Servers, and Network Components along with a few other systems and wanted to know:

  1. If I upgrade from CheckMK 1.6 to 2.0 Raw are the CheckMK agents backwards compatible with the 2.0 platform?

Any help is greatly appreciated on this.

As the documentation states that you should disable the automatic agent update during the upgrade and the fact that you can update the agent later tells me that it should be possible:
Update to version 2.0.0 (

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This was exactly what i was looking for, thank you!

Quick follow up question - could I go from 1.6.0p9 straight to 2.0.0p22 or do I need to perform more of a step approach?

I know the guide you’ve provided states this already, more making sure in your experience what the best practice would be.

Also, when I was reading the update process I couldn’t find in 1.6.0p9 how to disable the agents in this version (pictures look like they reflect 2.0). Any suggestions to disable all the agents from checking in while the update happens?

I did an upgrade from some old version, don’r not it exactly anymore to 2.0.0p7, this has worked. So I assume that it could also be working with p22, but I cannot a guarantee to it.