I have started to build ansible modules in ruby. For now you can modify and create users and activate changes. Have a look at:


I’ve also made some Ansible modules. I did it in Python and use the Molecule test framework. They’re not public available yet, but if there is any interest…

I’ve got the following modules:

  • checkmk_activate_changes
  • checkmk_auxtag
  • checkmk_bake_agents
  • checkmk_contactgroup
  • checkmk_discover_services
  • checkmk_folder
  • checkmk_get_all_contactgroups
  • checkmk_get_all_folders
  • checkmk_get_all_hostgroups
  • checkmk_get_all_hosts
  • checkmk_get_all_servicegroups
  • checkmk_get_folder
  • checkmk_get_host
  • checkmk_get_hosttags
  • checkmk_get_ruleset
  • checkmk_get_rulesets_info
  • checkmk_host
  • checkmk_hostgroup
  • checkmk_ruleset
  • checkmk_servicegroup
  • checkmk_taggroup

Hi Maarten,

thats brilliant, i am very interested in to check them. Do your modules write checkmk objects too, or only read?

Best Regards

Hi Oliver,

The modules that start with checkmk_get_ do only reading. The modules with a ‘noun’ change that object en with ‘verbs’ (checkmk_activate_changes, checkmk_bake_agents, checkmk_discover_services`) are actions.
I need to check if I need something to change to make it publicly available. I get back to you.


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