Checkmk Backup Jobs running but check alerts due to time difference

Hey guys, the weird problems guy is back! :slight_smile:

So here’s my situation: I set up a typical master/slave setup facilitating the checkmk virtual appliance mark I. I then went ahead and configures a local full appliance backup in the master node. I also set up a local checkmk backup within this very appliance (kinda paranoid maybe but I got the storage). The jobs work fine and the backup check on the monitored hosts got discovered, inventoried and activates. Everything running smoothly.

Some weeks later I realize that I forgot to set the correct timezone on the appliance so I go ahead and fix that. Now every day I get two Mails from my master site complaining that the backup is critical (because it didn’t run) and one hour later this recovers (because it then run).

I then thought “right, you need reinventorize so checkmk gets the new time”, which I did, but that changes nothing. Even recreating the backup jobs doesn’t help.

Any ideas out there? Or is the timezone baked somewhere into the master site?

Thanks and regards,