[Checkmk Blog] Monitoring your network: Four rules to rule them all

Hello Checkmk Community,

We have released a new blog from our very own @gulaschcowboy!

Monitoring your network: Four rules to rule them all

In this blog you’ll learn how to keep track of all interfaces of your switches without being overwhelmed with false alerts. There are a few tricks to adjust an automated discovery process, so you end up with a comprehensive overview and don’t have to spend too much time on getting your network monitoring started.

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@ricardoftribeiro have you seen this?

Great Blog Post @gulaschcowboy :+1:

I already did it like that but it’s nice to know that I’m not doing it wrong. :laughing:

I found one little thing that should be fixed.
At the end of step 2 there’s an image pointing at your local infrastructure and cannot be reached over the internet.

The clone button picture is not loading correctly because it’s pointing to this URL: https://monitoring.lan.tribe29.com/prod/check_mk/themes/modern-dark/images/icon_clone.png

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Hi thanks for the hint! It’s fixed now.


Sure. @gulaschcowboy showed this in CMK conference #4 :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up!

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