Checkmk Community Call: 2.2 Beta Release Update

Hello Community :wave:

As we are coming very close to the Checkmk 2.2 Public Beta, we have decided to have a community call to discuss it!

Our main guest will be @martin.hirschvogel, head of Checkmk SaaS team who has been closely involved in preparing and testing the new release.

We would like to discuss:

  • Current state of 2.2 release
    • Where we are with regards to features & stability
    • How the process looks like
  • How you can communicate your feedback to the team to make 2.2 release better
  • Your questions

Unlike our usual community calls, we want to try things a little differently this time. Firstly, we want to have this call with no recordings, no livestream – so everyone who wants to join and say something, could do so comfortably, not being pressured by publicity. If you join the call you can be sure that you can comfortably discuss whatever you would like to say.

Secondly, this time before the call we would like to collect your questions on the topic. For that, I’ve created a special document, where you can add your questions or feedback (please be considerate and only change your own questions, without changing what others wrote).

Please, let me know what you think about this slight change of the format: do you think it would help the calls to be more open and interactive? What do you think about collecting questions before the call?

UPDATE: Please note the new time – due to scheduling issues, the call will happen a little later the same day: at 4:30 instead of 3 PM

We will be waiting for you on the call on the 3rd of April, at 4:30 PM CEST in Zoom.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


As this is within the school holidays around Easter I will not be able to attend.

Hi all, please note that the time of the call has been change to avoid scheduling conflict.
Sorry this happened :pensive:

New time is 4:30 PM CET on 3rd of April.

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I am sorry to hear you won’t be able to join :frowning:

I will try to make meeting notes with main statements afterwards, I think, for all the people who will not be able to join. Cannot promise anything yet, but I think it could be of use.

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Unfortunately for me the Zoom application is being blocked by firewall.

This has been implemented due to past security and privacy conciderations.
So unfortunately i will not be able to attend in this manner :frowning:

Are there alternatives possible like for example Jitsi ?

  • Glowsome

Do you think connecting through the phone could work for you? I could get a number for your country :thinking:

Connecting thru phone is no alternative for me - sorry :unamused:

Zoom is a banned application in my workplace due to its lack of security. Calling to a bridge would not be the best as I would miss any presentations.

@Glowsome @Anders Do you think Google Meet could work for you?
Also, what bridge do you mean?

Below you can see the options that we have and in which we can have the call. I do not think we will be able to set up any new tools for this call, as there is not much time left, so let us choose something from the list.

Please, choose all options that would work for you – that way we can find the best solution.

  • Google Meet
  • Zoom (through internet)
  • Zoom (through phone)
  • BigBlueButton
  • None of these options work for me

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Hello all!
The release is here!

Please vote on our call tool soon if you have not yet – I will close the poll later today.

Also, you can check out the thread on the beta feedback process to learn more about beta testing:

Dear all,
I’ve closed the poll.

Most voted for Zoom so we will use it this time. For people who will not be able to join due to this, I will do my best to prepare meeting notes as detailed as possible.

I can see we have also interest in other tools, so we will consider them in the future as well.

Thank you for sharing your opinion!


Please be aware that you can join zoom meetings with modern web browsers without having to install the zoom application.

Usually you just have to replace the /j/ in the url by /wc/join/ (I guess wc stands for web client, not the other thing)

Something like this:{meeting-id}


Dear Call Guests,

Please note that due to the time change from winter to summer, the time of the call is now in CEST – meaning Munich, Berlin summer time.

please clarify CEST 4:30pm?

Basically, 4:30 PM Munich time.

If during the winter it is CET, in the summer it is CEST, as most countries switch from winter to summer time.

For your convenience, you can use this link: it already has the time in Munich, just enter your location too and it will show you the correct time zone.

Does this call get recorded?
I can’t join today, but I would love to watch it!

We decided this time to go for a more private format with no recording. I will try to collect meeting notes though.

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As the call happened during office hour I had no possibility to join as we Zoom (web or app) is banned in our workplace for good reasons.

Once home I could perhaps have joined (on my free time) but takes some time to drive and the call has already ended.