Checkmk container randomly dies with error: tarfile.ReadError: unexpected end of data

Checkmk version:
2.0.0p25 raw

OS version of Checkmk server or monitored system:
Debian 11 host, checkmk running in docker container.

Description of the problem :
A few times now my checkmk container will throw an error and endlessly restart the container.

Error message and/or output from below commands:
Since the docker container keeps restarting I’m unable to execute any commands from it, however the container outputs the following before restarting:

 * Starting internet superserver xinetd
Temporary filesystem already mounted
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/omd", line 60, in <module>
  File "/omd/versions/2.0.0p25.cre/lib/python3/omdlib/", line 4022, in main
    command.handler(version_info, site, global_opts, args, command_options)
  File "/omd/versions/2.0.0p25.cre/lib/python3/omdlib/", line 3534, in <lambda>
    handler=lambda version_info, site, global_opts, args_text, opts: main_init_action(
  File "/omd/versions/2.0.0p25.cre/lib/python3/omdlib/", line 2556, in main_init_action
    exit_status = init_action(version_info, site, global_opts, command, args, options)
  File "/omd/versions/2.0.0p25.cre/lib/python3/omdlib/", line 1382, in init_action
    prepare_and_populate_tmpfs(version_info, site)
  File "/omd/versions/2.0.0p25.cre/lib/python3/omdlib/", line 321, in prepare_and_populate_tmpfs
  File "/omd/versions/2.0.0p25.cre/lib/python3/omdlib/", line 271, in restore_tmpfs_dump
  File "/omd/versions/2.0.0p25.cre/lib/python3.8/", line 2021, in extractall
    for tarinfo in members:
  File "/omd/versions/2.0.0p25.cre/lib/python3.8/", line 2434, in __iter__
    tarinfo =
  File "/omd/versions/2.0.0p25.cre/lib/python3.8/", line 2312, in next
    raise ReadError("unexpected end of data")
tarfile.ReadError: unexpected end of data

Does anyone know how to fix it?

I’m running an unofficial image since the official one does not support running on ARM (I’m using a raspberry pi) the image in question is this: Docker Hub

Addidtionally the error has occured 2 times within a couple of weeks, and it seems to happen after the container is restarted using the docker-compose down command.