Checkmk Dashboard Ownership - Multiple Editors

CMK version:

I’m looking to enhance the way we use our dashboards in a big big way, and one of the things I’m running into is the issue of dashboard ownership.

Right now, from what I can see, a dashboard is made by one user, can then be edited only by that user, even if it can be shared publicly. So, two questions:

  1. Is there an easy way (other than duplication via copy) to change the owner of a checkmk dashboard?

  2. Is there a way to allow multiple people to edit dashboard? If we had this, could solve us needing to answer the ownership question at all.



hi Scott,
that isn’t possible yet.
Best workaround is to create a user with limited permission and a shared password, but creating a shared dashboard that is not owned by a single user isn’t possible. We have intances with multiple teams, each holding their own “-view-editor” account for their views and dashboard customizing needs.
There is no precise feature request for this yet, but Impersonate as another user to check views and dashboards - Checkmk is pretty close.