Checkmk Exchange and Checkmk 2 / CheckAPI Extensions

With the new and shiny Checkmk v2 apparently only weeks away I started to test the prerelease versions. With a sizeable amount of custom checks, special agents and metrics I am currently updating and adapting the custom plugins and in many cases packaging the properly to start with.

The question which arose for me is how will the Checkmk Exchange handle v1 and v2 packages. Currently the latest version is very present while the older ones are hidden away. Which is perfect most of the time, however with the updated extension there are like two latest versions. One for the v1 and one for the v2 version. Is it planed to improve the exchange to take this into account? Currently I am not able to upload extensions using the new CheckApi anyway as the exchange deems them invalid.

Regards Marius

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Yes, I also think that the exchange should handle the transition to 2.0.
Best would be to put all packages that were built on former release in a “not compatible with 2.0” place.

Maybe @baris.leenders can chime in here?

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Thanks for reporting the issue.
I will fix the validation check of the MKP’s on the exchange sometime this week.
Furthermore, I will take some time in the next two weeks to come up with a way to distinguish between 1.x and 2.x packages. I will keep you posted when we come up with a solution.


Hey Marius,
I added validation for the packages using the new CheckAPI, could you try to upload the package again?
Additionally, when the latest version has a “minimum required version” set to 2.x it will now look if there is a version for 1.x. If both are available it will show two latest versions.
Similar to what is show on this screenshot.


Hi Baris
I uploaded two new version 0.3 for Checkmk 1.6 and 1.0 for Checkmk 2.0 of one[1] of my extensions. Upload worked fine. In the “Files” list there seems to be now translation for agent_based yet. The screenshot looks nice. Thank you for this very quick fix.
[1] Checkmk Exchange


Hey Marius,
Fixed the agent_based category label.

Best regards,

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It would be really nice and helpfull if you can filter/sort (like we can do it now for date, views,…) on the main page, for all plugins working under 2.0 or have 2.0 compatibility

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