CheckMK high availability - sync between 2 instances

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I’m trying to find information concerning what the best way is to synchronize configuration between 2 instances of checkMK?

In other words: if I add/remove hosts on one instance, what’s the best way to synchronize this to a second CheckMK instance? We are trying to avoid having to do double work with each change in checkMK. We have 2 instances that are redundant from eachother.

If there is a better way, completely different from this, I am all ears as well. I looked into distributed monitoring, but that’s not really what I’m looking for as far as I can tell.

We have 2 datacenters that each have a checkMK instance running. At the moment, we have to manually do each change twice.

Thank you for feedback or pointing me in the right direction.

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in my company i have two servers each with check_mk installed. Using pacemaker and drbd i have master/slave relation between them so when one server is down another will take my site. So when doing soem changes it is done once cause site is only live on one server till this is up/online.

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I recommend to use the checkmk appliances for this. Its using drbd and pacemaker and is simple to configure.