Checkmk is OUTSTANDING and should definitely be better known

Hi all,
I installed Checkmk two days ago using the docker container and I must say I am IN AWE of the product.
I have tried almost all self hosted monitoring tools, including the mainstream ones (Grafana/loki/prometheus) and none even approaches the thoroughness and simplicity of deployment of CMK.

My question now is: why are you relativemy unknown, why the less than 700 stars on Github!?!?

Had I not read a post in r/selfhosted where somebody from Tribe29 advertised for cmk, I would not even have known it, even less tried it!

So, PLEASE, do advertise yourself better in the Reddit forums (r/docker, r/selfhosted) and get a better following than you currently have. YOU DESERVE IT!


Cool. Thanks! Stuff like this makes all the work worthwhile for us!

I think it depends on the geography. In Germany, we are pretty well-known. Across the pond, I doubt many people know. We are very tech-focused, thus marketing was never among our strengths. If you like Checkmk though, you can help us by sharing the word!


I am French, but living in the US, and I agree us European often do not know how to sell ourselves and our products here.
But considering how good @baris.leenders English is, to take just him as an example, he should be able to advertise in the forums – begin by self-hosting forums and Youtube channels (TechnoTim, Digital Life, and so on)…

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