Checkmk Notification Spooler Problem on virtual Appliance

Hi Forum,
I currently have a strange problem with the state of the notification spooler. My Checkmk service reports that the notification spooler is not running, in fact that it is running and working. I tried to troubleshoot the problem with the logs but nothing special there.
I can see the process running in htop and it is doing it’s job because I receive e-mails.

Here is a screenshot of the service problems that are not representing the right state of the spooler:

The omd status output showed me that the MKNOTIFYD is running and OK. Like this:

OMD[SITENAME]:~$ omd status
mkeventd:       running
liveproxyd:     running
mknotifyd:      running
rrdcached:      running
cmc:            running
apache:         running
crontab:        running
Overall state:  running

As described on
I took a look at …
… but nothing strange there even with the highest log level (debugging).

I also took a look at the agent output to find the problem. As you can see here.

mkeventd 0
liveproxyd 0
mknotifyd 0
rrdcached 0
cmc 0
apache 0
crontab 0
Version:         1.5.0p23
Updated:         1579006331 (2020-01-14 13:52:11) 
Started:         1579005428 (2020-01-14 13:37:08, 903 sec ago) 
Configuration:   1579005428 (2020-01-14 13:37:08, 903 sec ago) 
Listening FD:    None

Spool:           New
Count:           0

Spool:           Deferred
Count:           0

Spool:           Corrupted
Count:           0

Queue:           mail
Waiting:         0
Processing:      0

(SITENAME,36508,11388,00:00:00/15:09,851) python /omd/sites/SITENAME/bin/mknotifyd

Here is a screenshot of my htop where you can clearly see that the MKNOTIFYD is running.

This is the state from the MKNOTIFYD:

I did a omd site restart but the problem was still showing up and I also rebooted the whole virtual appliance but that helped neither nor. The problem is persistent.

Checkmk EE 1.5.0p23 running on the latest Checkmk Virtual Appliance Firmware (1.4.6) with baked agent installed and 1 distributed site connected.

Maybe it’s something related with the appliance or the serverside plugin is missunderstanding the agent output. idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m open for new ideas and help from you. Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

I censored some output for security reasons.

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Anyone have an idea? I still have this problem. :upside_down_face:
Thanks in advance.

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I still don’t know what caused this problem but an update to a higher Checkmk Version fixed the Problem.
In this case an upgrade to Checkmk CEE 1.6.0p8 fixed it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯