Checkmk php8 support / php7 dependency

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we use checkmk on a SLES15 system, which lately got it`s SP4 update. With this, php was upgraded from php7 to php8. Afterwards checkmk was supposedly still working fine, even though it requires php7. To fulfill the dependency and to be able to install the new checkmk version 2.1p16 we had to downgrade to php7 again.

But as far as I know, php7.4 is loosing it’s security support on November, 28th.

What is the recommendation for this? Use php8 and “break checkmk by ignoring some of it’s dependencies”, as zypper puts it? Is there a new version in the pipe for php8? I am not sure, which part of checkmk is exactly depending on php7… maybe we can disable some old feature and are fine?

Thank you in advance,

The only component requiring PHP is NagVis. If you do not need this mapping add-on, you are fine with any PHP version or even PHP uninstalled.

This is not a problem that NagVis is not supporting PHP8.
It is more a problem that the distro dependency file for SLES15SP4 is faulty.

Here inside you should find PHP 8 packages but 7 is used.
NagVis works fine with PHP 8.1 like it is used on Ubuntu 22.04.

Thank you! That sounds great.
So we can ignore the dependencies and won`t run into troubles.