Checkmk RAW: Nagios Event Handler (1 host multiple services)

Hi all,

I need help or documentation about how to make Event Handler with Nagios Syntax. I need to make a PBD-Plug (an script but this is not important in this thread) after all the NFS of one NAS is “OK” so, how can I edit to “nagios.cfg” a syntax that define multiple services for one host?

My NAS have, for example, 4 services, each one says “HDD1, HDD2, HDD3 and HDD4”, until all of them turns OK after a restart from NAS sends a PBD-Plug . By the way, I know how to create a script for this but I dunno know how to make parameters to control multiple service for one host and it’s needed to fullfill the four services turning OK to start the script.

Although I know I can create an Event Handler for each HDD and start a script for each HDD but it’s more impractical in long terms so that’s why I’m there searching better ideas or if there’s any command line that makes it more easy.

Any kind of help would be fine,