CheckMK unifi setup beginner

Checkmk Raw Edition 2.1.0p14

No error message.

I am having issues setting up check mk to monitor my unifi switches via snmp.

Any help or a Noob’s guide would be great.


Some pointers to look for:

  • is SNMP enabled on switch
  • set correct SNMP version in checkmk
  • set correct SNMP credentials in checkmk


I have SNMP enablded as below in the unifi controller:

  • set correct SNMP version in checkmk (Unsure how to do it )
  • set correct SNMP credentials in checkmk ( Didnt think I needed them as its public)

Grabbed from the docs:

public is the credential

what is exactly your problem?
I m usinf TP Link Omada.
snmp is only possible using the devices as target.
The main admin server has no central snmp function.

Sorry for hijacking the thread but I am fairly sure we’re having the same issues, me and OP.
I have successfully added Netgear switches previously, which have had all manner of services automatically discovered properly, most importantly, all interfaces have been individually discovered and identified.

I have recently replaced one of these Netgear switches with a Ubiquiti Unifi US8 switch, which does not discover the individual gigabit switches, nor the configured LAG or much else.

I am not well-versed in configuration of much of anything that isn’t stock in checkmk, but I would appreciate any and all help on this.
The SNMP community is set to public in the Unifi controller and in the host configuration in checkmk. The connection tests all turn out green and good as well.

Is there a Unifi plugin anywhere I can put in the thing? Maybe import a MIB or something? I’m not sure which direction the solution is.