Checkmk Windows Update plugin not showing in hosts


We have been using icinga and icingaweb2 at work for the past few years. It works great but the interface is pretty limited and it’s time for a change. While looking for alternatives, I found checkmk and it seems like it’s what we need.

Before deploying it at work, I’m having some fun in my home lab so I can get acquainted (latest 2.0 RAW version on an ubuntu 20.04 VM). So far so good, I can added a couples hosts and checks work fine (windows, ESXi etc.). I’m however having an issue with the WSUS plugin.

I put all my windows machine in a windows folder and created a rule for the windows update check to only apply to that folder. As far as I can tell, the rule is properly applied to the hosts in that folder, however the windows update check never shows up on any of my windows hosts on the checkmk web interface. The plugin is deployed with the agent and I can run it locally but for the life of me I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

The rule for my ESXi works fine and in the same way, only applies to the VMware folder where my ESX is.

Is this expected behavior and I’m missing something? Must be something dumb.

Thanks for the help

Do you made also some configuration inside the user config YAML file for this plugin?
It is possible that the default timeout is not enough and you should configure this plugin to run not every check interval.

Example config from my systems for the “windows_updates.vbs”

Content is from “C:\programdata\checkmk\agent\check_mk.user.yml”

  enabled: true
    - pattern     : 'windows_updates.vbs'
      timeout     : 3600
      run         : yes
      async       : yes
      cache_age   : 90000

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your reply. The issue is I can’t see the windows update service at all in my host’s services.

Here’s the rule I applied to the service itself. Basically check windows update for any host in Windows folder, pretty much left the default settings:

PS: I can only update one media per post it seems.

However if I go to a windows host and look at all the services, there’s no windows update check:


Nervermind, silly me I thought the plugin came packaged with the agent. I added the plugin in the plugin folder for the agent and now it shows up :slight_smile: