Cisco Meraki; Capturing all Wireless AP's

So I came across one topic discussing this and I have done all that the user did in that conversation but the best I can get is successful ping of the meraki gateway at

I would like to monitor the wireless AP’s on site. I have snmp v3 setup. I whitelisted the IP address that checkmk is on (on the Meraki site) and used the user id provided by Cisco with a password I created for AES and SHA authentication. I can’t use the ip address that snmp.meraki resolves to (and quite frankly that probably makes since since they probably have a ton of IP’s behind that dns) also I cant see anywhere to put the port (its not standard). When I try to shove it in the hostname field I get an error.

Has anyone every gotte nthe Meraki site to work properly or is this not possible (I can look into polling each Wireless AP on its own but thats gonna suck). Thanks in advance

am I the only one using Meraki that wants to monitor in this way? Is it just not possible and I should just start attempting to get SMNP straight from the AP’s?

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