Cisco UCS additional checks


I used check_mk version enterprise 1.6.0p6.

I would like to extend the checks for the plugin ucs blade system.
So i’ve identified the plugin file location share/check_mk/agents/special/agent_ucs_bladecenter
I understood the checks part but now i would like to retrieve firmware informations.
# TopSystem Info

  • (“ucs_bladecenter_topsystem”, [*
  •    ("topSystem", ["Address", "CurrentTime", "Ipv6Addr", "Mode", "Name", "SystemUpTime"]),*
  • ]),*

I’ve tried to review the cisco API document, but i can’t found the related information :

Is anyone has already tried to modify and extend checks for cisco ucs b systems ?

I’ve also the same requierement for netapp ontap and vmware esx host but i did not check yet.