CMC Dashboard view - service status and alert

On the BI Aggregation the customer can see the status of the check. The customer get also an alert by email - with a delay of the “max number of attempt =2” time. Now the check change his status “to red” and the Aggregate change also the status - also in a short time. The email will send this alert with the delay of the “max number of attempt” time. How can I solve this Problem, that “Aggregate and Email” will show the status change at the same time?

Let the aggregation only work with hard-states.
The options is
Use Hard States - Base state computation on hard states
If a service / host reach the hard state also the mail will be sent.

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I have to different between, when I use the service or the aggregation for the alarm “notification”?

Thanks a lot! Where can I solved this issue?

The defined aggregation can then transferred back to the monitoring system as service checks.
You have two options there.
First you can define an active check with the rule “Check State of BI Aggregation” or second you can use the datasource program configured with “Check state of BI Aggregations”. See the fine difference there. The first rule only checks one aggregation and the second one can check all aggregations on one of your sites.
At the end you only notify on this aggregations and not on the service anymore.