Cmc.log is full of Errors: Error creating RRD for pnp_multiple... but this RRD exists

Hello check_mk community,
After an upgrade to 2.0.0p9 (CEE), we see a lot of errors in cmc.log like below.

2021-11-25 16:07:18 [4] [main] [RRD helper 1447052] [log] Error creating RRD for pnp_multiple;<hostname>;proc_runpup;pcpu;2.454897: Tried to create /opt/omd/sites/asd3/var/pnp4nagios/perfdata/<hostname>/proc_runpup_pcpu.rrd, but this RRD exists.

Please advice

If you don’t miss any historical data in your graphs, you can get rid of this message by stopping your site for a brief moment, running cmk -v --convert-rrds --delete-rrds and then starting the site again.

The command will convert any historical perfdata remaining in the old format and convert it into the new format.

More information is available here: Performance data and graphing - Evaluating measured values in Checkmk quickly and easily

Hello Simon,
Thanks for your reply. The “cmk -v --convert-rrds --delete-rrds” did not work. I’m still getting entries in de cmc.log file.

The possible problem is that you have a system with “mixed” RRDs at the moment.
Can you have a look at your “~/var/pnp4nagios/perfdata/” folder and check how many data is there left after the convert?
If you check this for one if the entries from the log you should find an RRD file but no corresponding XML i think.