CMK 2.0.0p16(CEE) - SAP Hana /w hundreds of file checks


after upgrading the agent from 1.6.0p23 to 2.0.0p16 I suddenly got hundreds of file checks:
File /SAP HANA HDD 00/diserver_s1525.30025.rtedump.20211014-230154.0023346.longrunning_transaction.trc
File /SAP HANA HDD 00/indexserver_alert_s1525_20201005162416.gz
File /SAP HANA HDD 00/xsengine_alert_s1525.trc

Bug or feature?
How can I get rid of them?


Unfortunately this is the default behavior of the plugin to pull out this information from SAP HANA and send it via fileinfo.

The direct way is that you alter the plugin and remove the function query_fileinfo().
Other possibility is that you disable the check fileinfo for this specific hosts if you don’t use it otherwise.
Last possibility is to build a file group and the disable the service.

There is a new updated version of SAP HANA monitoring in the pipe which allow clustered services, multi Instances and tenants but as far as I understood Tribe29 want to keep the fileinfo part in the agent.

I am not a SAP HANA expert and cannot further comment but our DBAs also say they have no benefit from that check, so we also disabled it.

I hope that helps



This is what I did and I works for me. Thank you mike!
Anyway, it would be nice to be able to activate/deactivate this section via config.