Cmk-apcupsd not working anymore with 2.0.0

I was using this plugin: GitHub - michalskalski/cmk-apcupsd: Check-mk plugin for monitoring ups managed by apcupsd
It doesn’t work anymore since I upgraded from 1.6.0p22 to 2.0.0, I tried reinstalling it but it always says in the UI that the check isn’t implemented. I supposed the syntax has changed and the plugin needs some modifications, any ideas where to start? Thank you

The plugin is very old and uses an syntax that was already deprecated since 1.4 or so.
There is more needed than some minor changes. Complete rewrite would be a better description.

Thank you, I will probably just rewrite it as a local check.

That would be the easiest solution at the moment i think.

You could check out check_mk_extensions/apcaccess at cmk2.0 · HeinleinSupport/check_mk_extensions · GitHub

It has been migrated to 2.0 a few days ago.

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Thanks! I gave it a try, it works but… there are issues. My UPS is correctly detected but for some reason it doesn’t detect its name, which by default sets the service status as UNKN. I opened an issue on the Git, I might work on it later. I don’t see any setting in WATO to tune the levels as well, European voltages don’t work very well for me in North America.

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Another alternative, may be the updated fork by christiankreidl – GitHub - christiankreidl/cmk-apcupsd: Check-mk plugin for monitoring ups managed by apcupsd .