Column Color Code

So I am in love with Check MK 2.0 but one thing I have seen is that the columns are not flagged with a color if there is an issue which makes it difficult to see issues. Is there a setting to fix this or does this need to be a feature re-request?




I am always a friend of clear markings.

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ping @martin.hirschvogel

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Team is discussing it and will come up with an improvement. Thanks!


Missing the color marking as well …

I also miss the color marking.

I agree, 2.0.0 looks awesome but missing the colors, it’s hard to see anything that has a warning or is critical in views. Unless I am missing a way to set this?

+1 I’m also missing the good old color marking of services. I have a view of all hosts open all the time, and with a color marking of service state I can immediately identify if a host has a problem with its services.

This will be available in p2


When will p2 be available?

right now … Colored Background has been implemented and works like a charm.