Comparison between librenms and cacti

Hi team,

Pls advise me below matrix of comparison. Some parts i am not sure how to put the details (we focus on checkMK)
(As attached).

I prefer to consult my client to use CheckMK Raw edition for their NMS (below 500 devices).

Thank you.

For the discovery points you can write “Auto”.
Alerts - you have already included
Syslog - not only available but with rule engine for reclassification and rewrite
Installation - Linux distro package, virtual or physical appliance

For the points Map and Dashboard i would say you can do all what you want as long as you have enough imagination :slight_smile:

Performance monitoring - all check who produce performance data you can use for a performance monitoring this is much more than these three.


Hi andreas,

Thanks for your great inputs. Really appreciate it. :sunglasses:

also there are a lot of additional Notification possibilitys like:
MS Teams channel
and a lot more on the exchange

a good community and a detailed handbook

here are also a good overview for the build in Checks

also a lot of connectors to other systems like Grafana are available

Maps etc can also create in Nagvis with is also included